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This is good stuff

Definitely my favorite calisthenics program. With this setting I make real and strong progress. Very good also the different progressions. There is something for everyone.


it is all very helpful!!!!!


Gogo ...

I've been practicing calisthenics for 4 years now, and during the last two of them I started working front lever for the first time. My progress was very slow as well as bad. The only solution was to admit that I had a completely wrong and ineffective approach. Since I started following the front lever king tutorial I have had some amazing improvements. Statistics and dynamics exercises are perfectly combined, in a few months I have improved more than in the last two years. With the new version of the site, you might think that the price has been raised. Believe me it's not like that, there's no other internet tutorial of the same quality. You will have so many routins tath with a couple of rings, a bar and two parallel you can use forever! WITHOUT PAY for gym, instructors or anything like that. Believe me friends if you want to improve, you're in the right place. You will not regret it.

trust me close your eyes and buy them all of them