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I used to be a personal trainer, a professional OCR-runner and practiced fitness and training of various sorts for 5 years prior to training with Dominik's methods. I looked good but was a bit too heavy and my fat percentage was not ideal to pursue calisthenics so I decided to drop muscle weight and get as ripped as possible. I have always had it easy gaining weight and I have a lot of stubborn body fat, especially around the lower back, getting ripped ain't easy for me (I don't think it is for most people) But I went from a heavier muscle body to a slim functional ripped body, without gym equipment following Dominik sky's Fat loss tutorial for 16 weeks. I lost 20 pounds during the process. I highly recommend this tutorial. Thumbs up!

The videos are very well explained in detail and also fun to watch because of Dominik's humorous personality. Recommend for anyone who wants to begin calisthenics. Learn how to do every movement with perfect form along with advanced movements. This program has no bullshit, only facts! Worth every penny!


The best thing this routines have, is the fact they explain very well how to perform the movements and the strength progressions, to achieve the goals are also very good. The rest depends only on each person and the will of each one. I'm sure that with this programmes and with my motivation and hard work I will achieve the greatness in calisthenics.

The tutorials are so well organized and thought out. When I started the tutorials in November I couldn't hold a handstand or do a single Muscle up, I followed the tutorials and now I can do Handstand push ups and ring and bar muscle ups. Dominik is the best out their for teaching a calisthenics skill. Can't wait for the new tutorials and high five to Dominik and his team.


I have learned so much from the videos on the site. You can see that they really went all in and are working hard to make this the best site out there. I like that they keep you updated in chat or even help you in chat if you need any help. Looking forward to the new tutorials!